Magican 0.9.82 floating window makes system monitor more easily

On April 13, 2012, Magican updated to v0.9.82 with floating window optimized. As our consumer knows, Magican floating window has been updated for several generations. When Magican was updated to version 0.9.72, we wrote an article named Development of Magican Floating Window. If you were interested in the history of Magican floating window, you could go there to check for the details.

And today, I will introduce you the latest Magican floating window.

Let’s begin with the tiny window, different from v0.9.72, Magican floating window adds weather icon in the tiny window, users could easily get the weather situation by vivid image. And the feature of purging RAM has been moved to the tiny window. Users could clearly tell the degree of emergency of releasing memory as the color displayed.

Then to make information displayed in state bar more operable, Magican floating window enables purge RAM in status bar, and also adds RAM and CPU usage displayed in state bar.

To the pop-up window, Magican redesigns the display mode of the top occupied CPU and RAM processes. Users could get the app’s CPU usage or RAM more vivid as graphic display. And Magican hides the close icon which often shows at the right side, when you move cursor to the process, the close icon will display out for you to kill them at will.

And Magican optimized the weather report by auto locating city to gain weather information. And the coming three days’ weather condition could also be displayed out once cursor moved to the weather part at the window.

Hope this updated floating window could fit for your need. And we won’t say this is the best look in Magican floating window, because Magican is focusing on optimizing our app, and we hope the more vivid and easy to use look in the future could deserve your expect.