Magican AntiTrojan is updating to beat MacKontrol, Sabpab and Olyx down

After beating Flash-back Trojan down, there are still many other kinds of Virus threatening the security of our Mac. MacKontrol, Sabpab and Olyx, their name must not be strange to most of our Mac users, even not to mention their damage.

All of the three viruses belong to backdoor Trojan. As its name suggests, these threats provide a covert channel where a remote attacker can enter and control a computer. The Trojans vary in sophistication, ranging from those that only allow for limited functions to be performed to those that allow almost any action to be carried out, thus allowing the remote attacker to almost completely take over control of a computer.

All of the three viruses connect to a remote server to receive further instructions, without the knowledge or permission from the user. Among these three Viruese, Sabpab was discovered on Friday 13 April, which uses the same vulnerability in the OS X's Java plug-in to infect Macs.

Backdoor Trojan horse programs have become increasingly popular amongst malware creators over the years because of the shift in motivation from fame and glory to money and profit. In today's black market economy, a computer with a back door can be put to work performing various criminal activities that earn money for their controllers.

So to better protect your computer away from these rampant viruses becomes very important not only to users themselves but also to Social Stability.

After released Magican AntiTrojan, Magican keeps on updating Magican AntiTrojan to help users beat the three viruses down. Updated Magican AntiTrojan could detect and remove MacKontrol, Sabpab, Olyx and Flashback from your Mac. And this antivirus app keeps being a free tool for Mac users. By the same time, the easy-to-operate function is stilled remained in Magican AntiTrojan just two clicks could help you find out and remove all the 4 kinds of Trojans completely.