Magican AntiTrojan wins the anti- Flashback Trojan battle for you

No matter you have realized it or not? We have to remind you that many Macs are being infected by a virus-Flashback Trojan. This malicious program was utilized by Hackers to be the thief of Mac users’ personal information. Now, there are 600,000 Apple users are under this serious privacy threat.

On April 06, researchers at Russian antivirus firm Kaspersky confirmed findings from another security firm earlier this week that more than 600,000 computers running Mac’s OS X are infected with the Flashback botnet, and half of those machines are in the United States, 95,000 sufferers in Canada, 47,000 in the United Kingdom, and 42,000 in Australia, for instance.

How does Flashback Trojan attack Mac OS X?

The Flashback Trojan makes use of vulnerability in Java which allows it to download malware and then "modifies targeted WebPages displayed" in the web browser and harvest information from your Web browsing activities (including usernames and passwords) it then sends this information to command-and-control servers on the Internet.

How to know if your Mac is infected?

Magican releases an application- Magican AntiTrojan, which could accurately locate where this malware is hiding in and kill the Trojan off completely in seconds. Apart from any other anti-Flashback Trojan application, it is totally free.

Do not despise this Trojan, different from any other Mac malware we’ve seen, Flashback can insinuate itself into your system without any administrative password entered or anything installed if you merely visit an infected webpage while using Java. So it is time to take measures and let Magican AntiTrojan win this anti- Flashback Trojan battle for you.