Make Desktop Wallpaper on Mac OS

It is easy to feel boring if the desktop wallpaper have use a long time. In order to keep yourself in good mood every day, the best way is make desktop wallpaper with your own funny photos.

Make your own desktop wallpaper is a good way to avoid the boring from desktop wallpaper. If you feel boring about the desktop wallpaper, you can restart to design the desktop wallpaper for your own photos.

How to design your own desktop wallpaper, there have following tips you should consider.

The first thing you should do is choose the photo that you want to make it as desktop wallpaper. Choose a good picture is very important. A good picture can make you keep in good mood every day. You'd better choose the funny photo that could make you smile.

The second thing you should do is launch and choose template from Desktop Wallpaper template.

After you have chosen a template for your photo, then you need to add your photo to the template. You can choose the special and favorite effect for your photo. In order to make your desktop wallpaper have a good effect, you should choose a best size for you photo.

You can use your own desktop wallpaper with your photo after you have edited it. You only need to output the wallpaper which you make and set it as your desktop wallpaper.