New Features of Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion was released by Apple on July 20, 2011; it has more than 250 new features. The new features show the benefits of Mac OS X Lion to all of the Mac users.

Mac OS X Lion is a new operating system of Mac. Apple pays its attention to the function of iPad when design this operating system. For example, Apple increases the use of gesture to Mac OS X Lion. From the new features that Mac OS X Lion concludes, we can see that Mac OS X Lion can bring more benefits to Mac users.

If you are a Mac user and your Mac has a trackpad, you can enjoy the new multi-touch gestures of Mac OS X Lion.

If you have a trackpad, you can swipe with three fingers to move from one app to another, you can make your document and webpage swiping up and down. You can turn pages like a book by swiping back and forth.

Mac OS X Lion make better use of your screen. It has the feature of full-screen. You can experience the large screen of Mac. This feature of Mac OS X Lion gives user a simplified and functional experience like iPad. When you are reading novel, reading email and surfing on the web, Mac OS X Lion makes you enjoy the full screen experience.

Mac users always have several applications running at the same time. The traditional operating system makes the application separately with others. When you want to say the information of the application, you need to watch the information separately. Mac OS X Lion gives you a view of everything on your system, such as apps, Dashboard and Spaces.