Powerful recovery ability of Mac OS X

Many people want their Mac have the function of recovery the data and files for they always feel regret after they have deleted the files. For considering this fact, Apple have come to realize that Mac operating system have the ability to recovery the data which deleted by users.

File and data loss can happen in many ways. Sometimes that user may think the file take much space of the hard disk, so they delete those files that they do not use frequently. And there still exist many other reasons, such as some improper operation from users, power cutting by accident and even some virus infection. All those things can make the data loss. So the function of recovery is necessary to every Mac user.

What the strong point does the ability of recovery can showing to us? People may think that the function of recovery is only to recovery files. Besides the ability to recovery files, it also can recover the photos, videos, audios, and archives.

Mac OS X considers many things of users, Mac users can flexible to pause, restart data recovery in the scan process according to the needs.

Find the target file which deleted is a hard thing. File filters before and after scanning help you find your target files in a short time and save you much time.

After you have complete the data and file recovery, you no needs to modify the name of the files, the deleted file recovery can restore your deleted files with original file name, and storage path.