Recover Deleted Files on Mac Os X

Many Mac users feel regret after they have deleted file from Mac OS X. when they realize the importance of the deleted files, they have already empty the trash bin and could not move them back. So most of the Mac users want to have a function can recover deleted files. Mac OS X has specialized Mac File Recovery applications to help Mac users to make the deleted files recover.

Recover deleted files become possible on Mac OS X. If you want to recover the deleted files, the first thing is you should stop working on your Mac when you realize the importance of the deleted files.

There has two ways to delete files on Mac OS X. The files deleted by you may still exist in the trash bin. If you find your deleted files still exist in trash bin, the only thing you should do is drag the files to your desktop. If the deleted files do not exist in trash bin already, then you can find a third party tools to recover the files. When you delete files, you should know that using the secure empty trash option in Mac OS X can make the files not recoverable.

How does Mac OS X can recover the deleted files back?

When you choose the choice of 'Empty Trash', Mac OS X operating system removes directory entries of the hard drive for tiles, but not the files.

After you have delete the files, the disk space occupied by the deleted files, is set as available and can be used by other files. You can recover the deleted files until it have overwritten by other files.