Several Reasons for Mac OS X Is Running Slow

Why the Mac OS X Is Running slow in sometimes, and what can we do to fix this slow Mac? There have following reasons.

Many reasons can influence Mac become slowly. The fist reason is there have too many applications running on your Mac at a same time. Mac users always open many applications at once. This situation will cause a big time slowdown. So Mac users should close some programs if you do not use it.

The next reason is maybe something wrong happened to your preference files. If your Apple computer is slow when you are running a particular program, then try deleting its preference file and launch the app again.

Does your dashboard have too many widgets? Each one of those widgets uses memory. Keep it simple and uncluttered for best results.

Corrupt or wrong firmware may cause Mac running slowly. Mac user should make sure that the firmware is up-to-date. It's simple to do so, just click 'Software Update' in the Apple menu.

If Mac OS X is running slow, may be your hard drive is nearly full. If you don't have enough space for virtual memory, then your computer will perform extremely slowly. Make sure you have enough space for the programs that you run.

Do you use Animated Wallpapers for your Mac? Animated Wallpapers looks pretty, but it will hog system resources. You should keep the wallpaper static for best results.

Duplicate files are a big, nasty reason for Mac slowdown. It may take large space of the Mac. If you have too many duplicated files, remove the unnecessary duplicated files out of your Mac is recommended.

If you want your Mac running fast, you should better consider the 7 reasons that listed above.