The change on mail of Mac OS X Lion

Email is a tool for computer user to interact with other persons. The version of email on Mac has kept change since it comes to use. The email of Mac OS X Lion contains some new features.

Mac user may have formed a habit to use the traditional email of Mac, the new version of Mac OS X Lion change with the way which interacts with the email.

In Mac OS X Lion, Mail displays your messages and open email side by side in a new widescreen. Mac OS X Lion have a new bar seems like the bookmarks bar in a web browser. It gives you one-click access to your mail folders, displaying them and their unread counts without cluttering up your Mail window.

Mac user can preview many things on Mac OS X Lion. It have the feature make you can take a glance of the message on your email. The preview shows the first two line of the message to user. If Mac user wants to watch more line of each message, then they can set for it.

Not every message is deserves to watch it, so Mac user always choose to look some of those emails. Mac user not sure which message they would like to see, then they can search for it. The Mac OS X Lion give some suggestion to Mac user, user just need to type few words related with the email, and the mail will dynamically match with the search.

Mac OS X Lion have the function to group the same conversation together, so Mac user can see the whole conversation without having to search for individual messages. And you can easily file or delete an entire conversation. So you're managing a chain of ideas, instead of a few scattered thoughts.