The difference between Mac OS and Mac OS X

There exist so many differences between Mac OS and Mac OS X, let’s talk about the difference.

One of the major differences between Mac OS and Mac OS X was the Aqua GUI. Every element of window, text, graphic, or widget is drawn on-screen using anti-aliasing technology. ColorSync was improved and built into the core drawing engine, which provide color matching for printing and multimedia professionals. Also, drop shadows provide a sense of depth for added around windows and isolated text elements.

Mac OS X has changed its appearance and design, particularly the appearance of windows and the menu bar. The previewed video and audio files of Mac OS taken the progress bars, but Mac OS X began to use mouse-over start and stop buttons.

New services for applications are included in Mac OS X, which include spelling and grammar checkers, special characters palette, color picker, font chooser and dictionary.

Compared with Mac OS, Mac OS X added a feature which includes three functions to help accessibility between windows and desktop. These functions are concludes that instantly display all open windows as thumbnails for easy navigation to different tasks, display all open windows as thumbnails from the current application, and hide all windows to access the desktop.

Finder is a file browser providing quick path to all areas of the computer. Users can open many kinds of files without need to opening its parent folder, you can using videos and multi-page documents with Finder. The Mac OS X provides a technology that allows rapid file search.