The feature of mission control of Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion takes over more than 250 new features to Mac user. What these features can benefit to Mac user? Today we will see one of the 250 features, mission control feature of Mac OS X Lion.

Users want their Mac have the function of seeing the program status at one place. Mission control makes this feature become possible. Mac users can watch the Exposé, Dashboard, Spaces, and full-screen apps running status in one place by using mission control. It still helps Mac users see most of the things running on Mac.

All the open pages and apps on your Mac can be viewed with mission control. Just swipe up with three fingers on your trackpad or click the Mission Control icon in the Dock, and your desktop zooms out to Mission Control.

Mac users can see everything with mission control, and they can pay a visit to every program through the mission control. If Mac user wants to visit other page of the Mac, they can just move their finger to swipe the screen left or right. The lower part of the screen shows an Exposé view of the open windows on your desktop grouped by app.

Most of the Mac user would want to find more free spaces for their documents. Mission control lets Mac user create new desktop spaces and quickly navigate among those space. With mission control, Mac users can add and remove spaces with ease. If Mac user wants to create a new space, it just need to by dragging an app to the top row. Moving windows from one space to another is as easy as dragging the window from Exposé to the thumbnail of the space.