The features of auto save on Mac OS X Lion

Many computer users have experienced the situation of forgetting saving files after they have worked for a long time. This means they need to face the situation of data loss and doing the work again. Since Mac OS X Lion has released, Mac users have no need to worry about this problem anymore, Mac OS X Lion will save the document automatically.

Many users like to use the old documents as a template. When Mac user makes the old document as a template, the new data will cover the older ones, this may cause data loss. Some template documents are important to Mac users, so it is necessary to create a duplicate file to the template documents. Mac OS X Lion will duplicate the template file automatically to avoid of data losing.

Mac user must have experienced many changes before the document was completed. When Mac user makes a change to the document, he may feel the former one is better. Then to record every step of operating document becomes very important and useful. Mac OS X Lion creates a new version of a document every hour while you're working on it.

When a user is satisfied with some files, it is better to save it right now. In order to prevent the document from inadvertent changes, Mac OS X Lion have the function of lock the document. When the document is locked, the file could not be changed easily.