The origin of Apple's logo

As we know, Apple's logo is an apple bite by god. A logo will contain a deep meaning, so people give two different definitions to the logo.

Some people believe the logo come from the name of the company. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak is the founder of Apple Computer, they named the company as Apple Computers. After they have decided the name, they decide to create a logo similar with the company name. This logo is symbolizing the apple which fell on Newton's head. This definition is stands for Apple full of inspiration and creative.

For the apple seems bite by someone, many people give another definition for the logo. They believe the logo is come from a man-Allan Turing. This man is a mathematician, logician, and even known as the father of computer science. But he is also as a homosexual and arrest by police for several times. In order to avoid treat the homosexual, Allan Turing ate a large amount of medicine. When he dead, people found a bitten apple beside his bed. So the logo is a memory to this famous people.

No matter what the logo stand for, Apple has the world's largest IT business and the logo of Apple is almost remembered by every computer users.