The principle of Mac OS X Memory usage

When Mac is slow in response, Mac users always pay attention to the memory usage. If a computer has too much programs running simultaneously or a single program with heavy memory usage, then the Mac may be slow in response for the free memory can’t meet all the needs of programs.

Mac OS X classifies its memory space into four categories, including wired, active, inactive and free memory.

Wired memory is used by OS which is pretty untouchable. It is related to the system itself, so this kind of memory can’t be released and users can’t kill its process.

Active memory: The memory is still in use, the relative program is running on Mac. However,much memory may still active even you have just stopped the use of the program.After a period of time, the memory of the stopped program will be converted to inactive memory in temporarily. Generally, most of the Mac monitor will display the active memory to Mac user to help them control the memory usage, such as Magican. Magican displays the memory usage on its floating window and main window, and sort it by size. Users can manually kill the process if they feelthey do not require some programs.

Inactive memory: The memory still in valid and take up memory space but you haven’t used it very long time. If your computer stay open all day long, then lots of the memory space on your Mac is in the inactive state.

Fre ememory: The memory can be used for programs at any time. Under normal circumstance, the size of free memory is actually in proportion to the respond speed of program. If your Mac has much free memory space, then the running program will have faster speed in response. When the system has little free memory and large amount of inactive memory, you can choose memory release to provide adequate running space for other programs. Consider the need of Mac users, Magican adds memory release in its features, users can click the button to quickly covert the inactive memory into free memory. The converted inactive memory will be assigned to virtual disk memory for the program use.

In summary, the Mac OS X is excellent in memory management, but to strengthen the memory management of Mac OS X is equal to reduce the usage of memory resources.Use Magican’s memory release, Mac users are able to minimum the active memory of Mac OS X, and the respond speed of system and procedures can be improved.