The strength and weakness of Apple

We always pay much attention to Apple Company for the fact that; it always produces good hardware and system that meet our daily demands. In the process, we often overlook its strengths and weaknesses.

Apple has a good reputation, so I suppose that almost all Macintosh users may have notice the strength of Apple. All computer users know of its high end products,so it must have the best technology in personal computing and a major marketshare.

Mac users are a group of people who are most loyal to Apple product. These people always want to use Mac computer and do not want to switch to other computers for the perceived reason that Apple is synonymous to high quality products.This situation make Apple increase its users every day.

Another cogent factor is that Apple makes enormous investment in the area of Researchand Development (R&D). This investment makes Apple innovative enough to come out with excellent products to its users.

Mac users always overlook the weakness of Apple for its high quality products.

I think the major weakness of Apple is that its resources are incompatible with other computers. Apple has its unique hardware and system, all of them exclusively compatible to Apple series products. Moreover, Mac users cannot transferinformation to other computer except Mac computer.

The high price of Apple product is another weakness. Apple keeps innovating resulting in a highly packaged product but do not factor in customers financial status or affordability. The price of Apple products is always surging beyond that of competitors, so many computer users switch to other computer brand even though they like Mac computer. Apple may achieve high market share if it can reduce its prices.

The top management of Apple is constantly being changed and shuffled. They have flexible strategy, so they always undertake internal changes with respect to employees and products. This situation renders Apple in an unstable position.

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