The three different modes of Mac computer

What will you do to your Mac when you are not use it? Sleep, shutdown or stay on. Do you know which is the most suitable one for your Mac? Now we will take a look at the three modes and make you clear about the strength and weakness of each mode.

Sleep: It’s undoubtedly that sleep is the most suitable mode for the users who wish to continue the previous work after they wake up Mac. All the applications, files and preference settings will keep same asthe status while making your Mac sleep. And it is very quick to wake up your Mac from sleep mode. The limitation is sleep still consumes some power, though the consumption of electricity is very small. In addition, the system temporary files, caches can’t be cleared when your Mac remains in sleep mode. If you like to keep your Mac in sleep mode, then it would be very important for you to clean up Mac to make it clean. Of course, you can choose Magican to help you quickly clean up the cache, log and binary files. And you don’t need to worry about the large quantity of junk files on your Mac.

Shutdown: It is the best way to help you save power, protect hardware and clean system junks. The system will help you kill all programs processes, cut the network connections, and close all files before shutdown Mac. Mac will not use any power after shutting down. However,you may need long time to start your Mac at the next time, and you can’t continue previous work. Therefore, shutdown is just suitable for the users who will not use Mac for a long time.

Stay on: Some users may need to keep the computer long term opening while maintaining programs. Stay on could keep Mac opening and ensure certain tasks runs when user has left. As one of other Magican articles mentioned, the running of the maintenance script could sluggish their Mac's respond speed, so many Mac users choose to run script when they leave their Mac, then their Mac can’t be shutdown or sleep when running maintenance script at scheduled time. Of course, continuing open your Mac will cause a large number of electricity consumption and cause some bad influence on hard drive, like fan and some other components. To our most ordinary users, we don’t suggest them long time stay on their Mac. If you want to maintain your Mac, you can free download Magican to maintain Mac in several ways.

Though we don't know the mode you chose. But this article may let you know which one is the most suitable one for your Mac.I hope this article can give you some help.