The Ways to Rescue Files after Mac OS File System Damage

Mac OS is a well known operating system. It has an advanced file system. However, the same as other file system and operating system, there may be exist some factors to make Mac OS file system get damaged. These behaviors of Mac OS make user could not access all the files in the system. If data backup is unavailable, incomplete or damaged, Mac user could come across data loss situation and Mac OS data recovery.

There would be have some reasons to cause file system damage, what reasons it concludes, let's talk about it.
System crash or power outage would cause system shutdown unexpected. The shutdown of the system will cause file system damage.
As we known, virus can damage the system of the computer. It makes files get damaged and even creates some fault to the data structure.
Other reason cause file system damage is Operating system malfunction.

What can you do to rescue your files that if your file system damaged by above reasons.
The first way you can do is run the system in Safe Mode and check whether the problem gets resolved.
The second way is click the first aid from the tab of Disk Utility.
If your file system damaged, Mac includes an inbuilt file system check utility to check the consistency of the file system during the boot process and fix it automatically.

If the file system damage still persists, you can format the disk using Disk utility. As the process will erase all your data from the drive as well, you need to restore them from your valid backup.