Tips to teach you revamp Mac laptop’s appearance

Magican always focuses on recommending some system and hardware maintenance method to our users. In order to help Mac users solve the problem on their Mac in all rounds, this time Magican recommends a tipto help you learn to decorate your Mac laptop, which comes from a royal Mac user. We hope this article can help you make your Mac laptop more perfect.

The Mac laptop is constantly upgrading, but we can't ignore the fact that a lot of Apple users are still using the old Mac laptop. With the long term use of the Mac laptop, there will be some damage on its appearance inevitably. In Magican’s opinion, the process of decorating Mac laptop is very easy. So please follow Magican to take a look at the specific steps.

1. Select your favorite stickers.It is important to choose a beautiful sticker; a good sticker can make your Mac laptop become very beautiful. You can decorate your Mac laptop when you have selected the sticker.

2. Your computer may have a lot of dirt, so you need to clean up your Mac laptop. You should shut down your computer and unplug the battery, and then clean up the Mac laptop with cottondipped in alcohol.

3. Cover a tracing paper on the back of the Mac laptop, and outline the sketch of the Apple logo accurately.

4. Place the tracing paper in the middle of the sticker, and then use a knife to carve the outline of the Apple logo on the sticker.

5. Paste sticker for your Mac laptop, and to ensure that the Apple logo in the correct position. After you paste the sticker, you need to cut the superfluous stickers.

6. According the steps listed above,the decoration of your Mac laptop’s back cover has been completed. You can take the same approach to decorate the other piece of your Mac laptop, and you can decorate any part of your Mac laptop according to your personal preference.

Whether you have mastered the tips listed above or not? We sincerely hope this article can help you to make Mac become more perfect.