Why can’t we install multiple antivirus apps on a Mac?

Since Mac is attacked by Flashback Trojan,many Mac users would like to install several antivirus app in their Macintosh.However, many antivirus app will alert user to uninstall the former one before the new one installed, why?

Antivirus app can safeguard Mac against viruses or Trojans, but multiple antivirus app may not protect your Mac, and even cause system corruption before the viruses attacks your computer.

1. Multiple antivirus app will slow down Mac performance on heavy usage. With careful observation, you will find that the antivirus app always on high memory usage. In order to prevent Mac from viruses,the antivirus app will go deep into every aspect of Mac, and then it will consume a lot of memory on your computer to cause the slowing down or hanging up of your Mac. The memory consumption of antivirus app will seriously affect system when more than one antivirus app starts at the same time.

2. The competition of each antivirus app.Antivirus app often comes from the different software developers (like Magican and Kaspersky), which will lead an antivirus app to treat other antivirus apps as competitors. When more than one antivirus app runs at a Mac, one will identify the others as viruses. Now many antivirus app will remind user to uninstall if other antivirus app have installed.

3. The difference of procedures onoperation rules among each antivirus app. The identifying, searching and killing capability of each antivirus app is different in its own procedures.Kaspersky is good at killing viruses but takes long time in scanning for viruses; Magican AntiTrojan can detect and delete viruses in seconds but can’t check viruses in real-time. If you want install antivirus app, you just need to select the better one, or find a new antivirus that is more powerful than both of them. Multiple antivirus app may result in conflicts and make the software operate abnormally.

In conclusion, if you want to protect your Mac effectively, the best way is not install many antivirus app. You can choose security software and antivirus app to protect your Mac in all round,like Magican and Magican AntiTrojan.